Sunday, April 05, 2009

Aesthetics of "legislative candidates Baliho"

Today is the last day of an open campaign participants party legislative elections on April 9 next. All parties and their candidates all-out attempt to convince people to be accepted and dicontreng dihati. The promises, tagline and campaign jargon clash between one party with another party, sometimes casually itself, tripped, hurting each other. That is the face of democracy in Indonesia who are learning to write and read like a kindergarten and elementary school children are only able to recognize letters. On one side, this year is the moment of the Indonesian people to re-determine the direction and objectives will be taken where this beloved homeland to the fore after the last 5 years Indonesia has been successful nation to elect their president based on the (really) voice of the people, not from the Assembly or the House of Representatives who choose .
Hopefully this year we will be more mature, selected on the basis of logic and our search for parties which we contreng best, minimal criteria away from negative elements and realistic vision and mission should be worthy of our best choose!
At this writing, I'm not going to widen the above problems, since it's not my competence in politics, but the parties who have been close relations with the world of art and design when they were dealing with the public to socialize. As for the variety of ways to socialize and show the level of creativity of a party. Can not be denied, according to small-scale survey, the party that has a participant or a member of a dynamic, young and educated have a breakthrough innovation or creative than the other party. As an example of billboard designs on the road that often we meet at the intersection or dipertigaan. Very basic things when designing the layout is concerned, the composition up to the idea. Unusual composition but have a brilliant idea, will cover some design errors. But the very idea of coincidence congregation that we can enjoy every billboard design an all-party parliamentary candidates, the similarity of composition, ideas and layout will show no conscious propaganda function. Let us see for yourself one pretty creative billboard design of a legislative diibukota Jakarta which illustrates his body like a superhero, there are also a few cover designs copied best-seller novel Laskar Pelangi, but there is also a very very unusual and worthy of questionable aesthetic elements, they we can see disejumlah mailing list or forum site again current trends. Yes! at least they have tried the best to the death to the public amid a second idol, no matter their promises proved or not. My advice to political parties who want to move forward again next 5 years, please contact us-we are to all of our publications you can pack it interesting:)

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Assalamualaikum! Hello World!
has long seemed absent amid the din of cyberspace, the new habits first opened the laptop directly to facebook, check email and IM!
ok, it was later discussed aja ... this time I wanted to share some links with ciamik art magazines and design which can be downloaded for free alias free!
thank you for Mas Faisal who was willing to share this link, too, may be useful and inspiring us to be civilized to each other, share, and make us more creative!

List Magazine Design and Art online that can be downloaded on the Internet Free!!