Thursday, December 03, 2009

Mural : Anti Violence

a few weeks ago, a private radio station in surabaya, colors radio station, in cooperation with the POLRI and non-governmental organizations held a competition themed mural of violence around us. I and my colleagues, kumara Sadana, a lecturer in product design from the university of surabaya, trying to send some mural design to the radio. a day later we received a radio call from the committee is that we design into the ten finalists. finally we have to compete with some new friends who have experienced our work on the mural in surabaya, although eventually we have to feel defeat, but the experience is more important than anything.

Our work is the design of the kumara, my friend. while, my design criteria are not included because it is less "telling".
I made the design of a merger between EARNT JANSZ and I added the texts of messages urge people to not commit violence.

im sorry my english is bad:p


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